Massage Therapy 500 Hours

Massage Therapy 500   

Courses Fees: 

Tuition:                 $6,500

Application:         $ 100.00

Books/Kit:            $ 634.32 (4 Books, Linen, Mblex prep study materials, oil/Lotion for 40hrs, Holder, Tax, ID)

Total Charges:     $7,234.32

Full time 24 hours 8 am to 4:30 pm tuesday/wednesday/friday
Part time 20 hours 8 am to 4:30 pm tuesday/wednesday/friday

Books We use:
Trail Guide- 5th edition- ISBN-978-09829786 Trail Guide Workbook- 5th edition- ISBN 97809829786

Milady Workbook Detailed, interactive exercises Reinforce learning
Increase student comprehension ISBN-13: 9781285187617

Milady Text book Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage 2017 6 ed. Softcover ISBN-13:9781285187587
comprehensively provides the foundation of knowledge required to become a massage professional

Plus 720 AK: Use of videos on Applied Kinesiology and “how to” videos explaining the AK techniques.

Plus 720 SP: Use of texts and use of computer testing for Special Populations with library research on the SP techniques.