VC College reopening protocol, guidelines, and policy following Protocols for Institutes of Higher Education

Please read our policy on reopening the LAB portion of our curriculum or 50% of our programs.

As of 6/15/2021 students are full time on campus until the Permanent DE programs approvals are official. 

✔As of 2/16/2021 Massage Therapy Lab only,  will attempt a soft reopening

✔As of 3/15/2021 Barbering, Cosmetology and As of 3/22/2021 Nail care, Skin care programs’ Labs only,  will attempt a soft reopening following a lab floor schedule utilizing doll heads/friends/family as clients. An appointment center is keeping track of time and covid-19 screening of visitors.

We owe a wealth of gratitude to the faculty, staff and employees for safely making this happen. We hope our wonderful students and families are doing well and are eager to resume hybrid learning. Thank you for continuing to do your part to stay away from large gatherings and maintaining excellent hand hygiene.

Our “LAB” allowed on campus is for practical clinic operations, portion of the curriculum that cannot be taught online at this date. Any other academic portion of the curriculum may continue to be done via distance-learning.

With some good signs of decrease in Covid-19 cases in Los Angeles County, the lift of the “Stay at Home” order and Higher Education Institutions opening their lab which has been authorized by the Governor of California, we have been asked about a date of reopening our brick-and-mortar campus.  Victory Career College’s student enrolled in cosmetology/barbering/skin/nail/massage courses meant the student had 75% of their courses offered via a temporary distance education approval until the LA County let the higher education institutions reopen safely.

Colleges and universities in Los Angeles County will not be able to fully resume in-person academic instruction at this time. This institution may offer in person training and instruction for required activities that cannot be accomplished through virtual learning. All other academic instruction must continue to be done via distance-learning.   This institution may stop at any time the LAB portion on campus following CA State and LA County and CDC Guidelines.

At Victory Career College, the well-being, health, and safety of our students, staff, faculty members, service clientele are among our highest priorities. We continue to monitor state, local, national, and industry guidelines regarding COVID-19 and are taking proactive measures as needed.

Our institution prioritizes sanitation and safety. All our programs include and follow stringent State Board guidelines established by CA State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and Los Angeles Health Departments for the proper cleaning and maintenance of tools and operation stations. Throughout the years, we have provided a fully sanitized experience, which includes washing our hands between each client and cleaning surfaces and tools with antibacterial cleaner. We are currently taking additional measures, including the use of industrial-grade cleaners to sanitize stations, door handles, and frequently touched surfaces on a more frequent basis and increased the number of strategically placed hand-sanitizing stations throughout the three buildings, so students, staff, and clientele can use as desired. We have implemented a client check in waiting outside in their car or in the garden areas.  Getting a temporal temperature check, signing a Covid-19 symptoms/risk waiver, wearing a mask, and washing hands for 20 second under warm water with soap are mandatory actions to begin each service.

✔We have implemented the following sanitary measures: Occupancy is limited to 25% capacity. We are not allowing students to socialize closer than 6 feet apart. Mannequin must be used, or students may work on each other if they allow it, and knowingly take full responsibility and risks.  One month of free services (excluded are products use such as colors, creams, etc…) was implemented for each student. Students whose free month of services has expired and wish to work on live models must bring their own clients who will be screened, waivers must be signed, and client must pay the same low-cost public pricing. Manikin, doll head is still the safest way to practice. We have closed every other seat and spread out and socially distanced our students. We are requiring masks and shields be worn throughout the whole school and during labs (day/eve). Shield must be cleaned at least once per day.  Per CDC regulations, we have closed access to the refrigerator, microwave, and the kitchen room so snacks can be taken outside. Roll call is performed by the supervisor instructor until we can resume our vein scanning time clock. Floor supervisor and Student Floor Manager are continually sanitizing and disinfecting frequently touched areas in the classrooms throughout the day/eve classes.  We ask students to wash their hands hourly. We ask students to only use their kits/supplies and to not share.

Only basic operations can be performed (Not allowed on live model and not all-inclusive list: shaving model, hair removal from a model’s face, massage of the face that requires the mask to be removed, makeup, eyelash extension, etc…) Gloves must be used on all treatments on the public and new disposables one used for each service as the professions and careers we train for already dictate.

We encourage students to wear black scrubs that can easily be clean after a day in school. Please resume proper black school uniform attire and closed toe shoes. Hair pulled back and no hoops earring, oversized jewelries etc… see catalog for full uniform policy. 

We have created a hybrid schedule to safely socially distance using the CDC guidelines and measures first.

✔We offer the Lab on campus to the following group of students:

1.student with no “Leave of Absence” days available followed by

2.student with 25% on campus education needed to graduate followed by

3.student with senior clinic floor hours to do in order to graduate

4.any new student over 200 hours online or client or student volunteer if a space is left.

Students: Please await your personal schedule to be sent via email by your instructor and prepare your household, children and work schedules for your return to college study (for practical operation LAB only). At this time, a student who is on the priority list may be able to resume up clock hours of practical lab. Students with no operations to do or who did not come to class prepared (uniform/kit/supplies/mask/shield/gloves/towels, etc… will be sent home.

Student will be assessed on the Distance Education learning. Loss or deficit of knowledge and comprehension may be identified and corrected. 

❑ Student must wear uniform, must wear own mask and shield. If mask is made of fabric it should clean for class. Students who have been instructed by their medical provider that they should not wear a face covering must wear a face shield with a drape on the bottom edge, to be in compliance with State directives, as long as their condition permits it. A drape that is form fitting under the chin is preferred. Masks with one-way valves must not be used. Hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19 is available to all employees at the following location(s): Suite G100. Suite L103. Suite L101

❑ Soap and water are available to all visitors: students, clients, employees.

❑ Students are allowed 10 minutes breaks each hour to take fresh air in the garden and wash hands every hour as often as needed and wash hands before and after services.

❑ Each student is assigned (with their own kit/tools), a defined study space consistent with health and safety standards. Sharing of workspaces and held items is minimized or eliminated, consistent with health and safety standards.

❑ Students are provided time during their shifts to implement cleaning practices. Cleaning assignments should be assigned during clock hours as part of the student’s operation.

❑ This Protocol has been made available to all students, staff, faculty, and public in printed version on each door of the campus classroom.

❑ Disposable gloves are required throughout an entire esthetic/cosmetology/barbering/nail/massage service and while performing cleaning and disinfection of all implements and surfaces after each client session.

❑ Before leaving the treatment room, students are required to remove and dispose of gloves, wash their hands, or apply proper hand sanitizer, and use a paper towel or sanitizer wipe, to open and close the treatment room door while leaving the room.

❑ All single use items, such as disposable wax collars, cotton, neck strips, and applicators are used once and immediately thrown away. Product samples, including make-up, must not be used at any time.

❑ The trash bin has a lid and lined with a disposable plastic bag.

❑ Students are required to wash their hands immediately upon finishing services.

❑ Aerosol generating procedures such as steam or oxygen treatments is not allowed

Visitors: Students/Employees/Clinic clients/friends/family

  Entry Screening is conducted before visitors may enter campus buildings. Checks must include a check-in concerning fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and fever or chills, and whether the person is currently under isolation or quarantine orders. These checks can be done in person or through alternative methods such as on-line check in systems or through signage posted at the entrance to the facility stating that visitors with these symptoms must not enter the premises. All visitors take own risk and responsibility entering the campus.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office with any questions you may have regarding our “brick and mortar” campus reopening procedures, however please wait to receive your personal schedule before calling the office. 

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Published 2/16/2021 and updated on 3/3/2021